Characters might find themselves without food or water and with no means to obtain them. In normal climates, a character needs at least a gallon of fluids and about a pound of food per day to avoid starvation. In very hot climates, characters need two or three times as much water to avoid dehydration. A character can go without food for 3 days, in growing discomfort.


Starship life support costs include, among other things, food, lodging, and incidentals for crew and passengers. 


OTC / University/ Grad School / Library
Before a character embarks on a career, there are several educational options available.


These options include participating in OTC, attending Grad School or, simply upgrading skills at a library.


OTC and university options takes place during character’s first term, but can be delayed until the third term. From term four and onwards, these options are no longer available. 


Grad School is available only if graduated university. Library is available at any time upon completion of career.


To increase a skill, a character may attend a library and train a number of weeks.


Players begin by creating a blueprint of their Starship design or select from a pre-built craft list.  Building is a simple Click and Drag of pieces of the ship desired to be added.


All class A Starport have a shipyard which can build any kind of ship, including a starship with Jump drives; all class B Starport can build small craft and ships which do not have Jump drives.